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Who You Are Sending

Tashi Kimandus Davis is an East Baltimore native, United States Navy Veteran, and (former) Police Officer, whose journeyman service began on Greenmount Avenue, in the shadow of Memorial Stadium, and continued through and across hotspots all over our Nation and Globe. A natural leader, he will bring a steadfast and dutiful mindset to our Nation’s Capital, with stout diligence and service to the people of Baltimore and Maryland’s Seventh District.

“Too often…we elect and send our leaders to our Capitals, with the hopes that they will be true champions and servants of the people! And more often than we should or deserve, we look to them and only find them serving themselves! I have been in the service of this Nation and its great people for more than a quarter-century now! I serve still, and will continue to do so. Send me to Washington knowing that I still know what it means and takes to be a part of something bigger than yourself!”

Early Years

Tashi would begin his service in 1995, when, upon raising his right hand, he swore to protect and defend this Nation. The next decade would find him doing just that. Whether, by conducting Maritime Interdiction Operations in the North Arabian sea, participating in forward-deployed operations worldwide, or  launching and recovering Navy Fighter Jets off the flight deck of the aircraft carrier, his service-years would see countless moments that tested his mettle and leadership qualities. 

“I always took great pride in my Navy service and career! And you’d be surprised where pride can manifest itself. It could come from ironing sharp creases in my uniform or putting in a twenty-four day during hi-tempo, combat operations. I always felt like there was someone depending on me to get it right…or do it the right way! You never know whose watching or needing these days! Do you always get it right? Absolutely not! However, sometimes…just the effort is enough to spark the guy next to you to try their best! That sort of work ethic is contagious and creates the small wins we need for the larger victories!”


Continued Service

Today finds Tashi continued service, to the Country, as a Program Manager in the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), where he manages multi-million dollar defense budgets and the personnel that execute and support them. 

“We must never forget that our responsibilities don’t just end with being lawmakers, but we are elected to be good custodians of the American people’s tax dollars as well. I will bring my years of experience, in defense spending and program management and administration to our Nation’s Capital. It is time for fresh eyes for oversight of our Congressional spending!”
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